Seoul National University, Korea

Dr. ‌Minseop Song

Current: ‌Postdoc at Idaho National Laboratory
‌Former postdoc

‌Mr. Shinhyo Bang

‌Current: ‌Washington State University 
Former undergraduate researcher

University of New Mexico, USA

Dr. Amir Ali

Current: Assistant Professor at Idaho State University
Former research assistant professor 

Dr. Maolong Liu

Current: Associate Professor at Shanghai Jiatong University
Former postdoc and research assistant professor

Dr. Seong Gu Kim

Current: Postdoc at University of New Mexico/ 
               Visiting researcher at Oak Ridge National Laboratory  
Former postdoc

Mr. Soon Lee

Current:  Ph.D student at U of Tennessee, Knoxville, Nuclear Engineering
M.S in Nuclear Engineering 

Mr. Dongjune Chang

Current:  Ph.D student at Arizona state University, Mechanical Engineering
                Summer intern at Argonne National Laboratory
M.S in Nuclear Engineering 

Mr. Mingfu He

Current:  Ph.D student at University of New Mexico, Nuclear Engineering
M.S in Nuclear Engineering 

‌Mr. David Weitzel

‌Current: Sandia National Laboratory
‌M.S in Nuclear Engineering